Dentistry is the combination of looking at the mouth-body connection and giving special attention to nutrition, toxic fillings, and hidden jaw infections and root canals. It is a combination of biological dentistry with holistic protocols and environmental approaches – what we consider to be the only form of conscious dentistry.

Biological dentists seek out the cause of symptoms rather than just treating the symptoms themselves. The goal is to keep clients healthy or enable them to obtain optimal health, rather than just continuously mending broken mouths- dentistry done in this fashion provides clients with the safest experience for their overall health.

As the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine states, “Biological dentistry is conservative dentistry. The aim is to be minimally invasive yet appropriately active.”

Our office works with other health care professionals to determine individualized compatibility of dental materials (biocompatibility testing) and detoxification of the negative influence of oral toxins.

Our Office Is:

  • Mercury Free
  • Mercury Safe
  • Metal Free
  • Fluoride Free